Welcome, Norwich Students

Our company provides transportation between the Norwich campus and the Burlington International Airport. We also coordinate ridesharing and group shuttles are often available for school breaks and holidays.

The rate is $88 for one rider, $48 each for two and $36 each for three or more.

RIDESHARING We will coordinate ridesharing whenever possible when students have similar itineraries. Some waiting at the airport may be necessary to accommodate students with later flights. Waiting times will vary but are typically less than an hour.

We provide transportation anytime throughout the school year. On a few specific dates for major breaks and holidays, shuttles will depart from campus on a prearranged schedule. Please remember that the travel time is approximately 1 hour. Book your departure shuttle on the dates listed below accordingly. The pick-up location on campus is at the GOODYEAR GATE.   

SPRING BREAK -      MARCH 6    330AM     645AM      900AM      1215PM     230PM      445PM

                                      MARCH  7     330AM     645AM      900AM      1130AM

Shuttles picking up at the airport for the trip back to campus will depart shortly after your arrival unless waiting for another student on an incoming flight.  Meet at the INFORMATION BOOTH in the baggage claim area.

Reservations are required. Just submit the form below and you're all set. Your card will be charged the minimum $36 rate. If a rideshare is not available at time of service an additional charge will be required. 

Check the "More Information" link above for more details or feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

                                    vermonttourandcharter@gmail.com                   802-734-1293 

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